Behind every successful hero of ShikshaDaan there is a great sponsor. Our sponsors ensure ShikshaDaan receives funds constantly so that the heroes of ShikshaDaan can continue the education of their choice.

Sponsors of ShikshaDaan range from grandmothers to college students to large multinational organisations ! All you need to be a sponsor of a ShikshaDaan hero is a giving heart and follow Mark Batterson’s advise. Featured below are many many people who have a “giving” heart and every ShikshaDaan hero says “Thank You”.





I want to be an ambassador

  • I am willing to be the face of ShikshaDaan in my location
  • I will help build the network of partners and mentors
  • I will help validate and track progress of beneficiaries
  • I will actively promote ShikshaDaan
  • I will raise funds for ShikshaDaan

I want to be a Mentor

  • I have experience and expertise to offer
  • I am willing and enthusiastic to mentor a student
  • I am ready to provide direction, guidance and motivation
  • I will schedule a check in call, monthly
  • I commit to conduct a minimum of 12 mentoring sessions

I Want to Give

  • 97% of your donation will go to the beneficiaries.
  • ShikshaDaan bank account details are as follows –
  • Please do not deposit cash or give cash to anyone claiming to be a volunteer.
  • ShikshaDaan only accepts cheques or demand Drafts or bank transfers