• MDIP – ShikshaDaan Scholarships

    My Daughter is Precious is partnering with Shikshadaan to fund the higher education (class 11,12, undergraduate college) of underprivileged girls in India. You can read more about the initiative and see the photographs on the Facebook page. Donate now to help provide these girls with the education they deserve.

  • ShikshaDaan Meritorious scholarship 2017-18

      ShikshaDaan launched the meritorious scholarship for three years in 2016 on Buddy4Study.com. We received 1000+ applications from across the country and through a rigorous process 20 heroes were shortlisted. All these students are pursuing their degree programs, mostly non-engineering. They will be supported till they complete their degrees over 3 or 4 years. We have already supported them for one semester of 2016-17 and have now paid for their 3rd semester in AY 2017-18. Please see their details on this link - http://www.buddy4study.com/scholarship-result/shikshadaan-meritorious-scholarship-2016. Donate now. For additional details inbox at vgkrishnan@shikshadaan.com.

  • “Weave a colorful future” scholarship 2017-18

      The handloom weavers are amongst the poorest in our country and ShikshaDaan would like to support this community by helping their children get educated. The "Weave a colorful future" scholarship has been launched exclusively for the handloom weavers' children. For the academic year 2016-17 we had chosen 12 students from the weaving clusters at Dindigul and Chinalampatti in TamilNadu. These students are studying to become textile technologists, teachers, engineers, accountants etc to earn well and hopefully continue their family's craft of weaving. In the AY 2017-18, we continue to support 10 of the original batch of 12 students as